The main advantages of oil before varnish

  • If you want to make your home ecological, use the oil or hardwax oil instead of varnish, because the oily impregnating agents consist of natural substances.

  • The wood covered with oil will stay warm; it has open pores that “breathe”. This allows any moisture that does get through to get back out again without pushing off the finish.

  • The floor can easily be repaired with own means.

  • The wood impregnated with oil/ hardwax oil keeps well in rooms with high humidity. That is why the ship decks are impregnated with oil.

  • Oil withstands any temperature, without developing cracks.

However one should keep in mind that the oily floor demands more frequent care than the floor covered with varnish.

OÜ Parketilihvimine uses the product range of oils and hardwax oils of the German company OSMO. That company is the world leader and has been operative since 1878. It has been awarded the label of distinction “The Blue Angel“ for environmentally friendly, low-emission paint, allowing its use at production of children’s toys and furniture. The solvent used works with oil-based finishes: benzene-free, low-odour mineral spirits. This is an aliphatic petroleum distillate, which means it is a petroleum product that has its carbon atoms arranged in open chains instead of rings. The more toxic, aromatic or ring hydrocarbons have been removed, resulting in a milder odour. Pigments allowed in food industry can be used!

The main shortcomings of varnish as against the oil

  • Content of harmful impurities in varnish.

  • Varnish may crack, blister or flake off, in particular when exposed to harsh temperature variations. Therefore it is not recommended to varnish the wood, when temperature in premises may drop below 15 degrees.

  • Problems with restoration. Although the varnished surface keeps well for many years, such cover needs eventually be restored. One cannot be expected to do it without expert assistance, because the process involves removing all scratches, dirt marks, dents, colour fades and damaged areas through grinding and varnishing methods.